Nike Running, IFTTT and Monzo

Monzo   IFTTT

Following Monzo’s brilliant integration with IFTTT, I wanted a way of moving myself money from a pot to reward myself whenever I completed a new run.

I have an Apple Watch and use the Nike Running App to log and track my runs.  I like the Nike app and it comes in built into the Apple Watch.  It’s also what I’m using to help train for a half marathon later in the year.

Unfortunately, Nike does not have IFTTT integration.  However, Strava does, so we just need a way of syncing over activity from Nike to Strava.

There is a way – it’s not totally perfect but I think it’s the best it can be until Nike add IFTTT support themselves.

This is the process the data needs to go through in order for it all to work properly:

Step 1 – Sync Activity from Nike to Strava

First, you need to download an app called N+Exporter from the iOS App store.  It might not be as polished as most apps but it does the job pretty well.

Firstly, you enter in your Nike+ email and password.  This will then import your list of runs which you will see in the app.  Next, once logged in the app, you then connect to Strava.


You will need to manually press the button to the right of each run to import it into Strava.  Do this for all your old runs (the button will show green once its imported)


You will need to do this after each run with Nike, but other than that, the process is automatic.

Step 2 – Create Google Spreadsheet to convert distance value

Once you have the data in Strava, you then need to pass the distance to a Google Spreadsheet in order for the distance to be converted from Meters into Kilometres.

This is important or you could end up transferring a lot more money than you’d hoped to!

Firstly, create a very simple Google spreadsheet that looks like the following;

You only really need two cells.  The first, A2, will be where IFTTT places the distance from your last run (in meters).

The second, B2, is a formula to convert whatever is in A2 into Kilometres.  The simple formula is:  =sum(A2/1000)

Important:  You must also format cell B2 here to only show to 2 decimal places, otherwise the value won’t be recognised by Monzo.

Google Sheets performs this calculation as soon as a new value is sent to cell A2 by the first IFTTT Applet we will be creating – once you have created this spreadsheet, you won’t have to open it manually yourself again.

Step 3 – Creating your IFTTT Applets

Now the fun part!  The first Applet is to pass the distance from your last run (or ride) into the Google Spreadsheet.

Create a new Applet with Strava as your Trigger choosing a New Activity by you.

Configure the Action to update your cell in your Google Spreadsheet with the DistanceMeters ingredient:


Save and make sure you enable the Applet!

Final step now!

Create another Applet, this time with Google Sheets as your Trigger.

Enter the details of your Google Spreadsheet and specify the cell you are monitoring for changes (B2)

Choose Monzo as your Action and select Move money out of a pot.  Specify which pot you want and use the Value ingredient as your Amount.  This way, running 4K equals £4 moved from your pot!


Save and enable your new applet.  Now go for a run and test!  You can actually delete an old run from Strava and then re-sync it again using the N+Exporter app again to see if it works.

Troubleshooting tip!

One last thing to mention is that your distance must be unique from the last run otherwise the second applet won’t see a change in the value in cell B2 and therefore won’t be triggered.  This is very unlikely in the real world as you’d have to run the exact same distance in meters.  When testing though, bear it in mind if you keep re-syncing the same run.


Hope you find this useful – the concept of using a Google Spreadsheet to perform calculations on data in this way can be applied to many different things and is a bit of a workaround as you can’t perform these kind of calculations on ingredients in the IFTTT app.

Leave a comment below if you found this useful or even if you need some help!